Frequently asked questions

What is vocal coaching?

I use the Linklater approach to vocal coaching, focusing on breath and and sound. I have trained in Linklater for ten years, working closely with Kristen Linklater’s primary translator in grad school, and being fortunate enough to be taught by Kristen Herself.

I also offer accent coaching. I am proficient in the following accents:

RP (All Forms), Cockney, Scottish, French, German, American Standard, General American, Plantation Southern, Mountain Dialect.

How do you approaching acting coaching?

I offer acting coaching in the form of audition prep, monologue work, and scene study work. I was trained in Stanislavski, Chekhov, and Meisner. I primarily use Stanislavski’s System and Chekhov when offering Acting Coaching. Meisner is available as well. My focus when creating an acting coaching session relies heavily on helping you tell the story. As artists our primary job is to tell the story the the playwright has written, so I focus in helping you find the nuances of the your performance by looking at the text and discovering the full world of the play. My MFA emphasis was in British Performance. My areas of expertise are: Shakespeare, Restoration, Well-Made Play, Greek, Realism, Naturalism, Farce, and American Contemporary Drama

How are you accommodating COVID-19

Until health restrictions allow for in-person classes, all classes will be offerd via Zoom. *Private coaching can be done in-person as long as health requirements can be met. *Please contact Robert about in-person coaching fees.