Hear what those who have worked with Robert first hand think about his ability to lead you to the where you want to go.


Thomas Heppler

I had the pleasure to direct Robert in Lonely Planet at Stage Left. I have seen him perform in various other shows during his tenure in Spokane. Robert is a performer who comes into the rehearsal process prepared, with specific points of view and character choice. He is, however, flexible enough to be able to throw away this homework and adapt to the concept and through line of a director's choice for the production. This type of ability comes from one who has been highly trained and has the experience to listen and be in the moment where acting takes place. I think because of this experience, he will be able to make you a better actor and give you the confidence and tools to get the parts you want.





I have worked with Robert directly as a dialect coach and observed him as the same in a few productions. He is very skilled and knowledgeable. One of the nice things about working with him is the ability to isolate and succinctly deliver small changes that make large differences. The actors he works with can therefore make large strides rapidly, avoiding bad habits, and gain confidence from the beginning. Another things I like about Robert as a dialect coach is his effortless tailoring the coaching to the individual actors and allows for their individualized character development. As a director, I appreciate the individual instruction and that the character do not end out sounding like a mimicking of the coach. Robert allows individuals their own artistic freedom, while guiding them in the right direction. My favorite thing about Robert's dialect coaching is that he collaborates with me, the director, so that we are working on all aspects of the character's sound: timbre, cadence, pronunciation, etc. This lends itself to a production that sounds and feels authentic without having the dialect become the main focus for the audience. 



Mary Starkey

Robert helped me tremendously when I had to learn two different dialects for the same play. I usually approach those roles requiring accents with great trepidation, as I don't feel I remain consistent or get all the words pronounced correctly. Robert worked with me patiently, phrase by phrase and word by word, until I had real confidence. He made it so much easier to concentrate on my character development without having to worry about my pronunciation. It's obvious his studies and training have given him a master's touch in coaching, and his patience and enthusiasm make the process fun.